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PTab Spreadsheet 3.0 for Pocket PC 3.01

PTab Spreadsheet 3.0 for Pocket PC 3.01

PTab Spreadsheet 3.0 for Pocket PC Publisher's Description

PTab is the fully functional spreadsheet for the Windows CE® with the key features of common desktop spreadsheets. You can easily create spreadsheets on your pocket organizer or use connectivity with existing Excel files on your desktop computer.

What is new in PTab v.3.0

  • Data validation, dropdown boxes
  • Group and outline
  • External references (e.g. [BOOK.XLS]Sheet1!A5)
  • Merge cells
  • Goal seek
  • Max. rows: 65536
  • Load/save TXT, CSV, DBF (dBase) files
  • New worksheet functions: Indirect, Concatenate, Fixed, Lookup, Offset, Mirr, Type, Trim, Clean, Rank, Median, Address, Sumproduct, Avedev, Betadist, Gammaln, Betainv, Binomdist, Chidist, Chiinv, Confidence, Critbinom, Expondist, FInv, FDist, Fisher, Fisherinv, Gammainv, Hypgeomdist, Gammadist, Lognormdist, Loginv, Negbinomdist, Normdist, Normsdist, Norminv, Normsinv, Standardize, Poisson, TDist, Weibull, Sumxmy2, Sumx2my2, Sumx2py2, Chitest, Correl, Covar, Forecast, Ftest, Intercept, Pearson, Rsq, Steyx, Slope, Prob, Devsq, Geomean, Harmean, Sumsq, Kurt, Skew, Ztest, Large, Small, Percentile, Percentrank, Mode, True, False, Trimmean, Tinv, MaxA, MinA, AverageA, StdevPA, VarPA, StdevA, Subtotal, VarA
  • Auto save
  • Wildcards (*,?) in search
  • Automating tasks for?next cycle, comments
  • New automating tasks functions: InsertSheet, DeleteSheet, GoalSeek, Save, Beep, ComboBox, ClearValidation, TickCount, CellRefR, WorkbookName

Main PTab features

  • Export/Import Microsoft Excel (.xls), Microsoft Pocket Excel (.pxl) files, TXT, CSV, DBF
  • Charts (Bar, Line, Pie, XY)
  • Definable automating tasks (macros)
  • Data validation, dropdown boxes
  • Group and outline
  • External references (e.g. [BOOK.XLS]Sheet1!A5)

Other PTab features

  • Load/Save Microsoft Excel (.xls, Excel v. 5.0/95/97/2000/XP/2003) files directly
  • Load/Save Microsoft Pocket Excel (.pxl) files directly
  • Import/Export TXT, CSV (Comma Separated Values), DBF (dBase)
  • 256 sheets x 65536 rows x 256 columns
  • Numeric, Text, Date/Time, Boolean values
  • 249 built-in scientific, statistical, financial, date/time, logical, database, text and macro functions
  • Multiple Undo/Redo
  • Cut, Copy, Paste, Paste Special, Clear (All, Content, Formats), Fill (Right, Down, Series) cells, Insert/Delete Rows/Columns
  • Set row height and column width, hide/unhide rows and columns, autofit row heights and column widths.
  • Insert function, Quick sum, Pointing
  • Format: Number format (General, Financial, Percentages, date/time, user defined),  Alignment (General, Left, Center, Right, Center across selection, Top, Center, Bottom, Wrap Text, Merge Cells), Font, Size, Color, Background Color, Bold, Italic, Underline, Borders (Left, Right, Top, Bottom, Outline), Protection (Locked, Hidden)
  • Zoom (25% - 200%) and full screen mode
  • Freeze Titles (row and column freezing)
  • Formula bar or in place editing
  • Show/hide: Column and row titles, Gridlines, Zero values
  • Sheets: New, Rename, Delete
  • Sort (Ascending, Descending, up to 3 keys), Go to cell, Find/Replace
  • Simple charts (Bar, Line, Pie, XY)
  •  Names (define and insert)
  • Protection (Protect/Unprotect Sheet, Protect/Unprotect Workbook)
  • Custom lists (e.g. Monday, Thursday, Wednesday...)
  • Auto filter
  •  Insert sound or hyperlink (cell reference, Web page or E-mail address) in a cell
  • Password protection
  • Goal seek

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